The Past Life Memories of Tomo

The story of one of Japan’s only documented cases of children with past memories.

Feeling out of place in the modern era, knowing certain things before having any exposure, or having the same kind of physical mark as the deceased are just some of the supposed signs of having lived a past life. Recalling one in great detail may even sound ludicrous to some. It’s a situation often relegated to the world of what if’s and make-believe. However, there are thousands of documentations that say otherwise.

A study published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration in 2014, titled A Case of a Japanese Child with Past-life Memories by Ohkado Masayuki, looked at the highly unusual situation of a young boy named Tomo, born January 2000, recalling his past life in Edinburgh, Scotland, 9,154km (5,688 miles) away. The reason this is an exceptional happenstance is due to there never having been a recorded CORT (Cases of Reincarnation Types) in modern Japan despite there being 2,700 other such cases worldwide collected by Dr. Ian Stevenson, a psychiatrist known for reincarnation research, and associates. This comes in the wake of a similar 19th-century case of reincarnation documenting the past life
of another boy named Katsugoro. Born to a poor farmer, he remembered his time as “Tozo” at around 8 years old, another boy who’d passed five years earlier from small pox.

In the same vein, Tomo mentioned to his family when he was just 3 that he wanted to go back home to his mother in Edinburgh. Prior to that request, he had displayed behavioral changes at 11 months of age such as writing letters in the roman alphabet before starting to learn Japanese. He even went as far as to sign his name under doodles: T-O-M-O by the time he was 2. One might think that it’s not so unusual, as various media outlets could be found written in English at that time; however, how would one go about explaining Tomo knowing the lyrics to the song Top of the World upon first listen? His family had had zero association with Scotland.
Through two separate interviews with Tomo’s mother on June 22, 2010, and with his father on
July 2, 2010, Ohkado was able to record evidence of a past life lived with the help of the mother’s
detailed diary. The first written conversation about Tomo wanting to peel garlic, although short, revealed
a lot:

  1. Tomo’s past persona was named “Geiris”
  2. Geiris had peeled garlic before because “he was a child of a restaurant”
  3. Despite Tomo being right-dominant, he peeled left-handedly, suggesting that Geiris may have
    also been left-handed
  4. Tomo could remember his old date of birth (August 9, 1988)
  5. Geiris had died of a horrible fever (45°C, 113°F) on October 24th or 25th, 1997 at 9 years old
    Over the course of almost two years, Tomo’s mother made note of things like him recalling a past-life
    medicine he had taken called EMD, his past mother’s good night kisses, and pinpointing Edinburgh on a
    world map. This was also the time when Tomo remembered his past life in the greatest detail. For
    example, at 4 years old, Tomo was recorded three times as having said, “I had a dog called John. He had
    yellow or golden hair with a long nose. His ears were on the upper head. We slept in the same room.”
    More instances of him recalling past-life information included things like “In the UK, I bathed in milk” or,
    when he was 4.7 years old after seeing news of a train crash, “There was also a train accident in the UK,
    in Southall. I watched the news on TV. It said ‘Accident! Accident!’ Two trains collided, and a fire
    occurred. Eight people died.” There was indeed such a crash on September 19, 1997.
    As time went on, Tomo’s family realized the importance of taking him to the UK to try and find
    his old home, and so, when he was 7, him and his father took off in search of answers in August, 2008.
    Although proving unsuccessful, here too were notable points:
  6. Chili con carne is served in many pubs and restaurants in the area, as Tomo had reported when
    he was 4.9 years old
  7. Jerked from sleep, he told his father he could feel his “mother” in the area
    Upon returning to Japan, Tomo seemed at peace and began talking less and less of his past life. By
    the last interview at 9 ½ years old, he was unable to recall any further information.
    Ohkado concluded in 2011 that, after visiting Edinburgh personally, and conducting several
    searches and consultations through various societies and record agencies, both in the UK and Scotland,
    and despite clear evidence of paranormal activity and the boy’s status as a CORT, Tomo’s case remains
    unsolved. Nonetheless, this begs a question: How many more are there in Japan who can recall their
    past life?
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