Disabled Only In Body: Multiple NDEs in Congenital Quadriplegia Patient

The Near-Death Experience of a Nonverbal Person with Congetical Quadriplegia. This article is about near-death-experiences (NDE) and the story of the brave respondent, we call Stuart.

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The Near-Death Experience of a Nonverbal Person with Congetical Quadriplegia

This article is about near-death-experiences (NDE) and the story of the brave respondent, we call Stuart.

Serdahely, a professor of Health Science, interviewed several patients with a NDE.  One of them in particular has a meaningfull story to tell. His name is Stuart. He is a 39 years old man struggling with cerebral palsy, a disease that effects the brain, most often even before birth. Stuart is unable to speak, however , he can understand and he can make intelligible sounds for ‘yes’ and ‘no’, which makes him able to respond in his own intellectual way. Stuart also suffers from severe spastic quadriplegia, which makes him almost unable to move his own body without severe pain. 

Even though the challenge of the cerebral palsy and the lack of communication that occurs. The professors found a new technology to talk to Stuart about his NDE, where they are able to find a lot of information, asking the right questions where Stuart can answer by using his chin switch to operate a computer, allowing him to communicate through the use of preprogrammed messages and ‘yes’ and ‘no’ responses as guided by others. Recently Stuart can even write his own original sentences using the adapted software that translates numvers and symbols into English. Ofcourse the professors need to be very carefull with the information because a childhood NDE could be reinterpreted while years goes by. The professionals were very critical by this case and they think they found the right background in case of the story of Stuart.

In the fall of 1988, Audrey, Stuart his therapist was comforting a person who was in the same room. Audrey mentioned that Stuart had become excited and enthousiastic to speak, so Audrey started to have a prooer conversation with Stuart about his NDE and the following OBE’s.Stuart’s story goes like this..

Stuart was only two and a half years old when he had an NDE. Stuart had a high fever, increased spinal fluid pressure, and muscular contractions with increased spasticity. However all these symptoms, they were not able to give him a precise diagnosis. After 37 years without communication about his NDE, Stuart is now able to talk about it in his own way and this is the first time he could actually express himself and talk about his past. During his NDE, Stuart felt peacefull without any pain. He had his first out-of-body experience (OBE) while he did not recognize his body, time did not exist and he even had a sense of being loved by spirits whom he didn’t know. After his NDE, Stuart had multiple OBE’s where he didn’t feel connected with his own body and state of mind.

An OBE is an experience from a mental state, like a dream or an altered state of consciousness without resource to the paranormal. OBE’s mostly happen to people who have severe pain or people who are going through a trauma. The body respons to the pain or trauma and the brain dissociate from the body for a moment of time. 

Kenneth Ring is specialized in NDE’s and he classified this NDE by stage 5, where people with an NDE have after-effects such as no fear of death. Second is a series of OBE’s subsequent to Stuart his NDE.

At the point of Stuart having his first OBE, he was able to connect with spirits he has never seen in his life before. He felt that he found a light which he knew was ‘god’. Stuart had a moment where he was able to move his body without any pain, like he found himself. However he knew that he needed to go back to his own body, because of ‘god’ told him to do it. As a result of having an OBE, Stuart feels like he has a purpose in life. His purpose is to write an autobiography to make other people with disabilities aware that there are possibilities and to help them find a purpose. Because people with handicaps, also have dreams.

It is our faith that Stuart his message will reach other people, because his believe is that we are not our bodies and it is just an illusion that who we are, is far greater than the physical body. It is the consciousness, spirit or energy that seperates us from the body that never dies. Also, people with a lot of pain, either from the inside or outside, who suffer from OBE’s shouldn’t call this a suffer, but a gift off temporarily leaving your own body to not suffer from something painful and traumatic , even if it’s just for a minute. We must reflect on the fact that Stuart had multiple OBE’s and he bought something usefull out of these events.

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